For the wedding of a different person, Tom Hanks prepared a surprise. The celebrity just can’t help himself when he sees a bride.


Grace Gwaltney met Tom Hanks at her pre-wedding photo shoot, which was a pleasant surprise.

The celebrity stopped by to say hello to Gwaltney and her wedding party outside on the big day. The final image in a series of photos that Rachel Rowland, Gwaltney’s wedding photographer, released on Instagram, captured the moment.

«I wish I could claim Tom Hanks’ photobomb was the best thing that happened yesterday, but that would be a lie. (No disrespect intended for the Greatest of All Time),» Rowland said in the Sunday post’s caption.

The rest of the pictures were of Gwaltney and her now-husband Luke Gwaltney happy and laughing.

“Yesterday was filled with joy, laughter, fun, love, family, and hugs, and I just can’t get enough of Grace and Luke,” Rowland wrote in the description.

“But just swipe, swipe, swipe to get some Hanks action.”

The rest of the photos showed Gwaltney and her future husband Luke Gwaltney smiling and having fun.

«Yesterday was filled with joy, laughter, fun, love, family, and hugs, and I just can’t get enough of Grace and Luke,» Rowland penned in the description.

But if you want some Tom Hanks action, simply swipe, swipe, swipe.
Hanks is seen in the photo looking directly at Gwaltney as she stands next to him. She seems content.

We were all making our way from the hotel to the car when Tom Hanks suddenly materialised out of thin air and introduced himself. Is it possible for me to snap a photo with the bride? As Rowland said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, «We all started yelling and were pretty much in shock.»
«He was just as nice and handsome as you may assume.Rita, his wife, was also present and featured in some photos, the witness claimed.

Hanks has previously surprised someone on their wedding day. He made a pit stop in Central Park in 2016 to pose for a picture with a married couple. In response to a wedding request in 2018, he posted a picture of himself signing the invitation while putting it up to his head.

He commented at the time, «Damn it, but I have to start practising for a play in Los Angeles in May.» «Rats. I must send my regrets.

When taking a photo with Diciembre and Tashia Farries in October 2021 as they celebrated their marriage on the beach close to Hollywood, Hanks stunned another married couple.
«We were so caught up in the moment that it took us a second to process what was happening when he walked up. It was the cherry on top of our special day, as Diciembre remarked at the time.

Before taking that particular photo of them, their son August, and the three of them, Diciembre claimed that Hanks spoke to her and her wife for at least five minutes.

In her statement to TODAY, Tashia stated, «He said he saw the ceremony and gave us many compliments and told us we looked beautiful.» He was extremely joyful and humble as he gave us tips about dating.

In 1978, Hanks wed Samantha Lewes, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1987. He and Rita got married in 1988.

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