“Interesting news from Cameron Diaz”: the actress revealed that she no longer works…


She discussed how much she has changed since then.

For a long time, everyone wanted well-known actress Cameron Diaz to appear in films.

But, to our surprise, the actress elected to resign from her work in order to spend more time with her family. Benji Madden is her husband’s name.

“It’s difficult when you look at other beautiful women and compare yourself to them,” she once said. In the last eight years, I haven’t paid attention to myself».

As evidenced by her lack of devotion to her beauty routine. And this is an even better life for her.

“I couldn’t give a damn. I can confidently state that appearance is not the most significant factor in my life.

“I don’t even think about it,” the star said.

She stated unequivocally that she does nothing to maintain her beauty.
Cameron stated, “Even the fact that I have stopped washing my face is just normal for me.”

She always claims to have a lot of makeup, but she never wears any of it. The actress claims that she is now concentrating on completely different topics.

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