Is it permissible to put your toddler on a leash? A father gets mocked for attaching a leash to his five-year-old quintuplets… Continue reading to learn more


Raising a child is difficult, yet it does not appear that many people understand this. Most parents would go out of their way to ensure their children’s happiness, but there will always be others who assess their parenting and criticise their decisions.

Having five children under one roof must be difficult, and Jordan Driskell, 31, understands this all too well. He and his wife are the parents of five-year-old quintuplets. Even a simple trip to the nearest market might be difficult to plan since the children are inquisitive and it requires a lot of effort to keep them together and behave.
Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin used to travel in a 6-seat pram, but now that they’re older, they prefer to walk. Furthermore, the pram was just too large and cumbersome to transport around.

Jordan is using a child leash to keep the kids in front of him and prevent them from getting lost. He claims that the kids enjoy it.

He posted a video of the quintuplets on a leash on a day trip to an aquarium last year. Since then, the video has gone viral, with over three million views and counting. Jordan was frequently mocked and chastised for wearing a leash.

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