Loki star wants Sylvie to crossover into the MCU movies – and she has one character in mind to share scenes with


WandaVision’s Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel’s Kamala Khan, who were both introduced as Disney Plus characters, just made their big screen MCU debuts in The Marvels. Someday in the not so distant future, Loki’s Sophia Di Martino hopes Sylvie will get the same treatment…

«I just want to do as much Sylvie as I can,» she tells GamesRadar+, when we ask her whether she’d be keen to transition into the movie side of the franchise. «Just to carry on her story, see where she goes next, and to see her finding her way through some movies would be super cool. Yeah, definitely.»

«I love all that stuff, put me on a wire!» Di Martino says of the films’ demand for bigger action sequences, before going on to say she’d love to «have a witch off» with Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness. «Let’s get some more of the girls together.»

Like Teyonah Parris’s adult version of Monica Rambeau, Marvel fans first met Agatha in WandaVision. Initially, we knew her as Agnes, the nosy neighbor of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). But as the show’s first season went on, she was revealed to be a powerful witch from Salem, Massachusetts, who had manipulated Wanda and her chaos magic. In the finale, Wanda, as the Scarlet Witch, stripped Agatha of her powers and indefinitely condemned to live out her life as Agnes in Westview.

We’ll reunite with her in spin-off series Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, which is set to premiere in September 2024. Joe Locke, Sasheer Zamata, Emma Caulfield, Debra Jo Rupp, Patti LuPone, and Aubrey Plaza also star.

still from WandaVision

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Despite being keen to feature in as many MCU projects as she feasibly can, Di Martino says she «still feels daunted» by the vastness and popularity of the franchise – not that she sees that as a bad thing. «I think that’s good, you know? It gives you adrenaline and the energy to do a good job,» she notes. «The day I’m not terrified going onto set is the day I probably need to give up.

«I’ve been really fortunate to be able to do lots of other stuff and I continue to work in, you know, independent British film and TV comedy and I’m still doing podcasts and voiceovers and all the stuff that I love doing,» Di Martino concludes, when we ask whether she ever worries about being overwhelmed by a potentially demanding Marvel schedule. «I’ve been able to keep everything nice and varied.»

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