Spider-Man & Daredevil Lead The MCU’s Street-Level Heroes Against Kingpin In Spider-Man 4 Fan Poster


The war against Kingpin comes to life in new Spider-Man 4 fan art, with Peter Parker and Daredevil bringing The Defenders and other street heroes together from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Spider-Man: No Way Home provided a dramatic ending for the first MCU Spider-Man trilogy, Tom Holland’s time as the web-crawler is only going to continue. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are developing Spider-Man 4, which they are hoping will be the start of a new sequel trilogy for Peter Parker.

While plot details are being kept under wraps, many are wondering if Peter will join forces with any heroes and who the villain will be for Spider-Man 4. A popular choice continues to be Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, with BenSolo_Cup recently sharing a new Spider-Man 4 fan poster where the web-slinger gears up to take on the iconic antagonist in the MCU timeline.

For this version of Spider-Man 4, Holland’s Peter ends up coming together with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, joining forces to take down their collective enemy. The MCU movie is depicted here as a live-action adaptation of the Marvel Comics storyline, Devil’s Reign, in which Wilson Fisk becomes the mayor of New York. However, the hero duo are not taking on Kingpin alone in this scenario, as the following street heroes are also spotted, including The Defenders characters:
Why Daredevil Is Perfect For Spider-Man 4
Daredevil and Spider-Man in MCU Civil War
Ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU audience has been wanting to see more of Holland and Cox’s characters, given their dynamic in the comics and the pivotal role Matt Murdock played in the Phase 4 movie. With Cox set to appear in Echo and also having the lead role in the cast of Daredevil: Born Again, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is about to become a major MCU player in a whole new way compared to his time during the Netflix-Marvel era.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said that Spider-Man and Daredevil would be the leading forces for the street-level side of the MCU

Spider-Man 4 is the most logical place for Daredevil to show up when it comes to future movie appearances, as there is no solo film in the works for him. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said that Spider-Man and Daredevil would be the leading forces for the street-level side of the MCU, meaning there’s a very good chance this concept is what Spider-Man 4 will focus on after the events of the trilogy, which left Peter relatively isolated and in need of new allies. Spider-Man 4 would also be the natural MCU movie to focus on Peter starting to bond with various Defenders who also live in New York, which would be a way to bring back Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist from the previous era of Marvel’s on-screen history.

Despite the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes being over, Spider-Man 4 still doesn’t have a release date.

Not only would it be fun to see Peter as part of The Defenders, but it would also be a way to revive the group, which didn’t get proper time to shine despite having its own Netflix team-up show. This would also allow for members like Moon Knight, Hawkeye, and Echo to come into the fold, creating a lot of different dynamics and providing the MCU a way to tell some more grounded storylines. Hopefully, whether it is for Phase 6 or 7, there will be news about Spider-Man 4 sooner rather than later.

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