Why Patrick Stewart Playing Charles Xavier In Avengers: Secret Wars Would Make Sense


Patrick Stewart comments on the possibility of a Charles Xavier return in Avengers: Secret Wars. Stewart previously debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a Professor X variant from Earth-838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As Avengers: Secret Wars’ title suggests, the movie will feature a major clash between the Avengers and other multiverse characters, of which Stewart’s Charles Xavier is a stronger contender to be a part of.

Speaking with Etalk, Stewart teased a possible return as Charles Xavier in Avengers: Secret Wars.

The actor was asked if there is any truth to the rumor that he will be part of Avengers: Secret Wars’ cast. While the actor did not outright confirm he is in the movie, Stewart also said he “cannot put it to rest.” Stewart remembered that his X-Men character has died a few times and returned. The actor ended by leaving the door open for a role in Avengers: Secret Wars, saying, “Know that and you could get lucky…” Check out the full quote below:

“I cannot put it to rest because it’s not a fact either for or against. It is a possibility. Hugh Jackman and I looked upon Logan as being our farewell. Given that I died in that film, although I’ve been told I’ve actually died several times already. How do I do it?

Yeah, know that and you could get lucky…”

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