Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Will Be Retitled After Jonathan Majors’ Firing


On Monday, actor Jonathan Majors was found guilty on charges of assault and harassment after going to trial over domestic violence allegations. It was confirmed by Marvel Studios that Majors has officially been let go from his role as Kang as a result. In the wake of the news, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty has also lost its title. Internally, the project is now said to be referred to as simply Avengers 5 for the time being until a new title will eventually be decided upon.

This news may confirm the previous reports that Marvel Studios was looking to drop the Kang storyline from the MCU altogether, though even with a title change, there’s still a chance Kang could be recast with another actor in the role. It remains unclear how the character may or may not factor into the Avengers movies, but The Kang Dynasty was also switching gears creatively ahead of Majors’ firing. It was recently revealed that Loki series creator Michael Waldron was brought in to write an all-new screenplay for Avengers 5. Waldron was already on board to write the follow-up film, Avengers: Secret Wars, and is now set to pen both scripts. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings helmer Destin Daniel Cretton also recently left Avengers 5 to focus on other MCU projects.

Plot details have not been shared about either of the upcoming Avengers sequels, though it’s expected that they will be making the most of the MCU’s multiverse. Kang’s name in the title of The Kang Dynasty had implied that the character would be the big bad of the new Avengers film, but with that name reportedly getting dropped, there’s no telling who may be the antagonist in Avengers 5. There have been reports of Marvel Studios considering Doctor Doom to place into that role, however.
Jonathan Majors’ Legal Battle Might Continue
As for Majors, his attorney said after the verdict that the embattled actor “looks forward to fully clearing his name.” This implies that an appeal of the verdict is incoming, though it remains to be seen if anything changes with the verdict. In any case, Majors could be tied up in the court system for a while longer, so it wouldn’t seem that an appeal will be helping his chances of getting back his role as Kang in the MCU.

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