“‘Echo’ accidentally exposes how Netflix improved Marvel shows over Disney.”


The current state of the MCU on TV is in transition, with Marvel Studios recognizing the need for improvement. Despite challenges, the upcoming show ‘Echo’ signals a crucial phase leading to 2025’s ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ Marvel’s TV restructuring is evident, with Echo itself facing issues, reduced from 6-8 episodes to just five in post-production.

Despite the hype around Echo as part of the Defenders Saga, it reveals an uncomfortable truth: Netflix excelled at making Marvel shows in one key aspect compared to Disney Plus. The criticism of the Defenders Saga for being too long contrasts with the current critique of Disney Plus shows for being too short. Netflix’s 13-episode format allowed for comprehensive storytelling, character development, and viewer engagement.

In contrast, the limited episode counts of Disney Plus series, exemplified by Echo’s brief five-part run, hinder the buildup of character investment and story complexity. Even with Daredevil: Born Again initially planned for 18 episodes, the recent creative overhaul suggests a departure from this approach. To succeed, Marvel must acknowledge and embrace the successful elements of Netflix’s strategy in crafting compelling and immersive TV series.

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