Jack Harlow Just Implied That He Starred in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia


Remember when “What’s Poppin’ (Remix)” first started getting played on TikTok? The tune by Jack Harlow quickly fast-tracked the star to fame.

But is it possible that Jack Harlow had been in the entertainment industry prior to the release of that track? The “First Class” rapper just insinuated that he starred in a very popular movie, and some folks can’t tell if he’s trolling or actually telling the truth.

Keep reading as we get to the bottom of this.
These two basketball referees didn’t know who Jack Harlow was.

Jack Harlow is one of the hottest names in rap right now. However, despite his prominence on the charts, not everyone is familiar with him.

On April 30, Jack was attending a Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics basketball game. During the game, referees Scott Foster and Ed Malloy got word that Jack Harlow was in the audience. But hilariously, it seemed that neither one could actually put a finger on who Jack was and why he was famous.
“Who is Jack Harlow?” Scott asked Ed, to which Ed replied “I have no idea.” Scott followed up with, “I don’t know. Go ask him.”

The men’s baffled exchange was caught on camera and then later posted on SportsCenter’s Twitter. “Scott Foster and Ed Malloy trying to figure out who Jack Harlow is,” the caption read.
Jack Harlow replied to SportsCenter’s tweet in the best way possible.

Jack retweeted and replied to the video of Scott and Ed trying to figure out who he was, but instead of informing them he was a rapper, he decided to have some fun. “Clearly these [motherf—ers] have never seen Narnia,” he wrote, referring to The Chronicles of Narnia films. Naturally, Twitter went wild.

To clarify, Jack did not actually star in any of The Chronicles of Narnia films, nor does he have any association with them.

But he does have similar facial features and hair to one of the characters in the film, Mr. Tumnus, who was played by James McAvoy. Basically, Jack teased on Twitter that he had played Mr. Tumnus.

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