What new opportunities and positive experiences await Jonathan Majors after overcoming challenges in his life


In the wake of the former Marvel star’s December 2023 conviction on charges of misdemeanor assault and harassment, Hollywood producers have what could best be described as the opposite of the Jonathan Majors fever. They don’t want him in their lobbies, they don’t want him in their offices.
Most of all, they don’t want him in their movies and television shows. The aftermath of Majors’ court case has seen the critically acclaimed actor, so recently one of the hottest young stars in American cinema, with a sudden opening in his schedule, starting after he was found guilty and lasting into perpetuity. Just how much work has he lost? That’s a complicated question to answer.
On paper, Majors has only lost two high-profile gigs. The first one was a particularly big hit: Just after the news came down that he’d been found guilty, Disney announced that Majors would no longer be playing Kang the Conqueror/He Who Remains/Victor Timely/an infinite panoply of multiversal variants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More than a role, it was the sort of part that a person could pay their mortgage with for the rest of their life. Sequels, re-releases, residuals, animated follow-ups, and the convention circuit are all powerful forces for financial stability, and they were all gone in an instant.
More recently, Majors was dropped from 48 Hours In Vegas, an immensely buzz-heavy retelling of an infamous weekend in the life of Dennis Rodman. The film, set to be produced by Aditya Sood, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, is left in the lurch without its leading man. Additionally, Majors’ already completed, critically lauded Magazine Dreams, has been dropped by its distributor, Searchlight, putting untold hours of filmmaking work in creative limbo. Back in April 2023, way before the conviction, he also lost the live-action adaptation of the Walter Mosley novel, The Man in My Basement, and reportedly, a starring role in the Otis Redding biopic.

In practice, however, the number of roles that Majors has lost out on following his conviction is theoretically infinite. The 34-year-old performer has a grand total of zero upcoming projects listed on IMDb. For the time being, he seems virtually shunned in an industry that couldn’t stop singing his praises just 12 months ago. It’s hard to imagine that his career will bounce back in the years to come, but there have been stranger show business comeback stories. Only time will tell.

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