Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch Deadpool 3 Cameo


Rumors continue to fly about who could appear in the upcoming “Deadpool 3” film, with the Merc with a Mouth’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance potentially set to have several exciting cameos: From confirmed appearances, like Jennifer Garner returning as Elektra from the 2003 “Daredevil” film and Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine from the “X-Men” franchise, to alleged cameos like Taylor Swift appearing as the disco-loving mutant Dazzler, there’s been tons of buzz about which actors and characters may end up in the project. However, one cameo was officially debunked long before “Deadpool 3” arrives in theaters: Elizabeth Olsen as a version of Scarlet Witch.
Five months ago, u/Spiderbyte posted on Reddit about a “Deadpool 3” leak, making several claims about what will happen in the film. Those included plot points such as Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) being arrested by the Time Variance Authority, Wolverine hijacking a TVA TemPad and trying to reshape history, and most surprisingly, Earth-616’s Scarlet Witch returning from the dead and ending up in her Earth-838 counterpart’s body.

Elizabeth Olsen on red carpet

The wild rumor suggested that Wanda Maximoff would pull off a “House of M”-like change to the universe, turning it into a world where mutants comprised most of the population. Additionally, Scarlet Witch’s alterations would make Magneto (Ian McKellen) defeat humankind, forcing Deadpool to assemble a team of heroes to stop him. While the plot sounds like it could be an interesting new story for Deadpool, Spiderbyte admitted it was all a lie — even if the leak was taken seriously by some MCU scoopers.
While it remains to be seen whether Macfadyen’s character is named Paradox — and Spiderbyte guessing it a total coincidence — Spiderbyte stressed that the information they gave about the film was entirely fake: “And I cannot stress this enough. I have no inside intel. Every word of it was fake and made up by me. I didn’t even plan to have it listed as Paradox.” They added they were surprised to see other scoopers run with the Scarlet Witch news, once again stating, “NONE OF IT IS TRUE.”

Some MCU fans might see the Scarlet Witch rumor not being authentic as a total bummer. It would certainly be fun if Elizabeth Olsen returned to her most iconic role in “Deadpool 3.” However, with the film coming out next year, the fewer spoiler details revealed the better. Leaks have revealed too many things ahead of releases in the past. In this case, the leak turned out to be bait — which some scoopers quickly fell for.


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