RDJ fulfills MCU dreams amidst new troubles for troubled Marvel film


Today in the Marvel multiverse, certain developments are making us long for the halcyon days of the Infinity Saga while also making us aware of the behind-the-scenes troubles the Multiverse Saga has been facing.
And yet it’s not all bad. Echo officially opened at #1 on the Disney Plus and Hulu charts, which somewhat offsets its lacking Rotten Tomatoes score. And the show may yet prove to be of greater importance than just moving around some furniture for Daredevil: Born Again. But first…
A wise young wizard named Ron Weasley once said “You’re gonna suffer, but you’re gonna be happy about it,” and that perfectly describes how Marvel fans felt after the Critics Choice Awards. Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland melted hearts across the multiverse with their wholesome reunion at the ceremony, reminding us all of one of Marvel’s all-time greatest duos. On the flip side, it’s reminding us how much the MCU has changed since the Multiverse Saga ended with Avengers: Endgame, the last time these two icons will likely ever share the screen. Unless those Back to the Future deepfakes turn into something real, that is.
For a standalone Marvel Spotlight series, Echo has surprisingly expansive potential to sow the seeds for various upcoming MCU developments — from teasing that a certain invincible character is a mutant, that another is secretly the Phoenix, and maybe, just maybe, what the plot of Spider-Man 4 could be. Wilson Fisk running for mayor sure sounds like the beginnings of some kind of Devil’s Reign adaptation, which could just be the “Spider-Man meets the Defenders and the Fantastic Four” crossover event you never knew you needed. Or, you know, they could give us an Insomniac’s Spider-Man adaptation instead.

The MCU’s Blade reboot is less of a movie at this point and more of a myth, an urban legend up there with Sinbad’s Shazaam film. Five years on from Mahershala Ali being announced as the new Daywalker, the film is still suffering from the worst luck in the entire MCU. In a shocking development, scream queen Mia Goth — who is set to star in Blade, probably as Lilith — is being faced with a battery lawsuit filed by a supporting artist on her horror movie MaXXXine, who alleges she kicked him in the head during a shoot. These are just allegations at this point, which Goth’s team has yet to publicly respond to, but Marvel would no doubt have been hoping to avoid any of its cast suffering from legal issues so soon after all the Jonathan Majors drama.

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