She-Hulk’ Season 2 canceled, Maslany eyes new MCU surprise


In news that will either crush Jennifer Walters’ loyal fans or delight her vocal haters, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is unlikely to get a second season at Disney Plus.
How do we know? The evidence comes from the most irrefutable source: Shulkie herself, Tatiana Maslany. While taking part in a Twitch stream with NerdIncorrect, Maslany was asked about the chances of a She-Hulk season 2. “I don’t think so,” the actress answered honestly, before explaining that budget issues may have spelled the series’ death-knell. “I think we blew our budget, and Disney was like, ‘No thanks.’”

The fact that the superhero legal sitcom cost way more than Marvel expected is a matter of public knowledge, as She-Hulk‘s first season, consisting of nine 30ish-minute episodes, cost a whopping $225 million to make in total. The fact that Maslany, never one to mince her words, also didn’t hold back when blasting Disney boss Bob Iger during the actors’ strike probably didn’t help its renewal chances either.
While this is a bummer to hear for those who did vibe with the fourth-wall breaking show, it’s important to note that Maslany never said she wouldn’t come back to the MCU at all. She-Hulk is a such a major character, with strong ties to the wider franchise, that it would be hard to simply have her vanish from Earth-616. Thankfully, the perfect way to bring her back is staring the studio in the face.
So her own Disney Plus series may be dead, but She-Hulk could well find a new home in a place that may seem odd for MCU fans but one that would make perfect sense to comic book readers: the Fantastic Four franchise.

Jen Walters has long been an honorary member of Marvel’s First Family, and in the aftermath of the original Secret Wars comic book event she even officially joined their ranks in the place of the Thing. Once the event was over, Ben Grimm decided to remain behind on Battleworld as he could transform back into a human in that realm. Needing some new muscle, Jen was welcomed into the group.
With Fantastic Four releasing in 2025, ahead of the MCU’s own Avengers: Secret Wars in 2027, the road ahead is surely paved for a version of this to play out on screen. Ben could similarly elect to leave the team in the Secret Wars movie, thereby upping the stakes for Fantastic Four 2 as it would shockingly change the foursome’s line-up. Just show a few scenes of She-Hulk becoming buddies with the FF in the next two Avengers films and that would neatly set up her taking Ben’s place in the sequel.

With any luck, Maslany will have a chunky role to play in Avengers: Not The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, but after that, she could showcase what Disney Plus is missing in the Fantastic Four films.

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