Is Andrew Garfield the Lowest Paid Spider-Man in Marvel History


It is believed that Andrew Garfield’s salary for the two ‘TASM’ films was only around $1.5 million.

Although relatively short-lived, Andrew Garfield’s live-action Spider-Man stint is among the most beloved to have graced the screen. Alongside talents like Tobey Maguire in the Sam Raimi trilogy and Tom Holland in MCU initiatives, the Hacksaw Ridge alum’s iteration of the web-slinger remains well-celebrated amongst fans of the iconic Marvel IP.

In a way, these actors’ identities have become so intrinsic to the essence of the titular superhero and vice versa—where, almost emulating a symbiotic relationship, Spider-Man has helped further their recognition in the industry, while their embodiment has cemented its continued legacy.

Representing such a legendary, adored by all, and timeless character and earning worldwide acclaim and acknowledgment also entails the prospects of lucrative box office returns and satiating paychecks. Though what they have all received for their efforts in the role is no joke, it’s intriguing that Garfield is the lowest earner to have performed the part compared to Maguire and Holland, whose respective tenures brought them unfathomable riches.

As fans clamor to get their dreams of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 realized, with Andrew Garfield‘s Spider-Man making a glorious return, you might be surprised to learn that before the third installment, the overarching TASM franchise was effectively canceled following Sony Picture’s deal with Marvel Studios. The deal eventually brought forth Tom Holland’s iteration, but a bump in the salary was expected had Garfield headlined a third film.

A compensation of $500,000 for the first film and $1 million for the second was part of the deal presented to the finalists for the highly sought-after role, according to a report from Deadline. The actor would have received a $2 million salary for the third film had the situation been different. Therefore, for his two-movie-spanning tenure, the actor received a paycheck of $1.5 million total.

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