Marvel Studios to Keep Kang in the MCU After Jonathan Majors Firing


A new insider report reveals the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s intention to keep Kang the Conqueror amid replacement talks, though MCU fans shouldn’t expect news about who will succeed Jonathan Majors as the supervillain anytime soon.

Per Deadline’s Justin Kroll (via X), Marvel Studios will not drop the Kang character from the MCU despite speculation the cinematic universe has been considering a new big bad to replace him. However, Kroll insisted Marvel will take their time with decision-making regarding the Kang recasting as they decide on serious contenders to replace Majors, who starred as the character and his variants in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Loki. “See a lot ‘who will play Kang next’ and ‘here is a top contender for Kang’ comments this week, and all I’ll say is this, don’t expect that news anytime soon. There will be plenty of Marvel breaks in coming weeks on various fronts but don’t hold your breath on that one,” Kroll said.

Kroll also addressed the possibility of Fear the Walking Dead and The Color Purple star Colman Domingo playing Kang, as well as other Hollywood names linked to the Kang role. According to the Deadline journalist, he hasn’t heard any news about a potential frontrunner to play Kang in the MCU, nor is he denouncing any of the possibilities mentioned. “This isn’t dismissing any rumor this week about potential contenders for the role, I don’t have any intel on those being true or not true it’s just letting you know if I were betting what gets announced first, Kang or the field, I’d put money on the field,” he said.

After Majors was axed from Marvel following his conviction on assault and harassment charges regarding a domestic incident last March, several names were tapped to play Kang, should Marvel opt to retain the live-action version of the comic book character. Stars such as John Boyega and John David Washington have been mentioned, though the former ruled out any possibility of replacing Majors. Domingo was the latest name attached to the Kang recasting search, with some backing him as the best potential candidate, including She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star Ginger Gonzaga. Domingo has since responded to the speculation, saying he’s heard talk about him being named a potential replacement, though he hasn’t been contacted about the opportunity.

Kang was set up to be a Thanos-level baddie in the MCU, with the next two Avengers films set to prominently feature the character against the titular supergroup. Majors’ performance as Kang, as well as variants Victor Timely and He Who Remains, were widely praised. However, Majors’ conviction caused the next Avengers film to lose its original title, The Kang Dynasty, with rumors Doctor Doom could be set to replace Kang as the MCU’s top villain.

Majors has since spoken out about his Marvel firing and conviction, revealing his sadness about being axed from the MCU while maintaining his innocence regarding the alleged incident with ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Majors is due to return to court on Feb. 6, facing a year in prison following his conviction.

Along with his Marvel firing, Majors has seen his Disney/Searchlight Pictures film, Magazine Dreams, lose its planned premiere, with reports the biographical drama may never be released. He also lost a role which would have seen him play NBA legend, Dennis Rodman, in the upcoming biopic, 48 Hours in Vegas.

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