Sam Wilson’s Captain America Flies Into ‘What If…?’ in First Season 3 Images


Marvel Studios teases new characters and concepts in the upcoming third season of What If…?, including Sam Wilson’s Captain America and the Red Guardian.
The images show Sam Wilson and Monica Rambeau together, hinting at a dangerous mission, while Captain Carter continues to play a key role.
The release date for the third season of What If…? is yet to be announced, but Marvel Studios is keeping fans engaged with other animated series.

Marvel Studios has revealed the first look at the third season of What If…?, a month after the second installment premiered on Disney+. The images tease some of the concepts the studio will explore once The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) continues his journey across different realities set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters such as Sam Wilson’s (Anthony Mackie) Captain America and the Red Guardian (David Harbour) will make their debuts in the animated series. They weren’t seen on the show before, considering how previous seasons were in development before their live-action appearances.

The new images from the third season of What If…? show Wilson standing alongside Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), and it remains to be seen what dangerous mission the heroes will work together on. Sam became Captain America after the events of Avengers: Endgame and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where the character had to find the strength to take on the mantle in a world that didn’t want him as the owner of the shield. Nevertheless, Sam is ready to face the challenges that await him in the alternate reality observed by The Watcher.

The second season of What If…? continued the premise explored in the first installment, with The Watcher allowing audiences to take a look at worlds where the events of different MCU movies took a turn, with the characters involved in different outcomes than the ones seen on the big screen. The one hero who consistently appears in the series is Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), who was given the opportunity to become a Super-Soldier in her universe, instead of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Carter has even developed a friendship with The Watcher, helping him with missions where he can’t interfere due to his nature as an observer.

Does ‘What If…?’ Season 3 Have a Release Date?

Taking into account how the second season of What If…? premiered on Disney+ last month, it might be a while before The Watcher and Captain Carter return with new adventures. Season 3 does not yet have a release date. In the meantime, Marvel Studios is working on a variety of animated series to keep fans busy until then, including Eyes of Wakanda, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and X-Men ’97. The studio recently released a first look at one of the episodes from What If…?’s upcoming third season, featuring the Red Guardian and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) reluctantly working together on a secret mission.

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