Kick-Ass 3 is still happening but will be part of a new trilogy


Matthew Vaughn has finally offered an update on the before-teased Kick-Ass 3.

Vaughn’s 2010 live-action adaptation of Kick-Ass debuted Avengers: Age of Ultron star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the titular crime-fighting vigilante.

Due to the first instalment performing well and being received positively by both critics and fans – a sequel was later green lit, Kick-Ass 2, and debuted on screens three years later in 2013.

However, a third instalment never came to pass due to the second one performing lower than expected with audiences worldwide – until now that is, according to Vaughn.

While talking to Collider, Vaughn provided a positive update for the next Kick-Ass instalment – as well as revealing how it will be part of a new trilogy that connects to the previous two movies.

“We’re halfway through it. There’s a very, very dare I say it… and it’s gonna be a cliché coming out of this head of mine,” Vaughn told Collider.

He added: “It is a very, very meta universe. It is what, you know, Kick-Ass was reinventing and creating an R-rated superhero and no one was really doing it.”

He continued: “This is taking that whole concept to a worthy… not even a sequel, because I think it’s just a whole new way of doing Kick-Ass, which couldn’t be more Kick-Ass.”

The Kick-Ass director also revealed that the next “Kick-Ass” movie will actually be the third movie in an upcoming trilogy, which means two movies set in the same universe are set to release before it.

The first movie coming out – set in the same universe as Kick-Ass will be School Fight, one of Vaughn’s upcoming action movie projects that is described as follows –

“The misadventures of Leo, his wild imagination and his friends at school. When new girl Candy joins the class. Candy brings her baggage, in the shape of her ex Bobby. As tension builds the only reasonable conclusion for Leo. School Fight.”

Vaughn explained: “The trilogy will be School Fight, this movie, let’s call it Vram for the time being, and then Kick-Ass, and they’re all connected.”

School Fight has already been filmed, and it’s ready to be released, and the teased “Vram” project is currently being filmed – but “Vram” is seemingly just a working title.

Vaughn says that when “Vram” is complete, the trilogy will begin to release its instalments – beginning with the aforementioned School Fight movie.

As per Collider, he has also stated in the past that they “maybe one day” would consider trying to get the original cast from the first two Kick-Ass movies to return to play their characters.

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