Loki Season 3 Can Set Up The Perfect Avengers 5 Kang Replacement


A potential Loki season 3 could set up Kang the Conqueror’s replacement in Avengers 5 with the perfect new foe ahead of the major MCU crossover.

A potential Loki season 3 could set up a strong replacement for Kang the Conqueror ahead of Avengers 5. Following recent drama and controversy regarding Jonathan Majors, Marvel Studios has cut ties with the Kang actor. However, it’s unknown if Kang will be recast or if a new villain will take center stage in the next Avengers movie, a challenge Loki season 3 could certainly help solve.

As seen at the end of Loki season 2, it’s implied that the Time Variance Authority’s former Judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was likely facing her death at the hands of the temporal monster known as Alioth in the Void at the End of Time. However, her ultimate fate has not been confirmed. To that end, it’s quite possible that Ravonna could survive with Marvel Studios reworking her into a perfect replacement for Kang in a potential Loki season 3.

There are several good reasons why Ravonna could be a strong Kang replacement in the MCU. Firstly, Ravonna has more history with He Who Remains than probably anyone else in the multiverse, even if those memories had been lost for a long amount of time after the Kang variant betrayed her loyalty. As a former higher-up at the TVA, she likely knows how to use all the tech she’d need to be a true multiverse threat as well.

As seen in Loki season 2, Ravonna was certainly given more of an unredeemable arc, such as when she brutally murdered several of the TVA’s Minute Men who refused to join her coup. As such, it’s now much easier to define her as a villain in the MCU. Assuming Renslayer survives her encounter with Alioth, Ravonna certainly has a reason to be angry and out for revenge against lots of people, having been betrayed and losing all the power and authority she once had at the TVA.

While a Loki season 3 has to be confirmed, the big question is likely why it should happen at all considering how well the second season wrapped things up with its finale and Loki’s new status quo. However, Ravonna’s evolution into a Kang-level villain could be a very interesting plot thread that doesn’t have to include Loki himself.

It’s a concept that would meaningfully contribute to the MCU’s future ahead of Avengers 5. A new season could instead focus on Sylvie and the other members of the TVA trying to protect Loki’s legacy and the new Sacred Timeline he created, one that could perhaps be endangered by Ravonna herself.

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