Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo don’t think the world needs another ‘Shrek’ movie


Shrek is one of the most famous animated family movie franchises in all of cinematic history.

However, even though DreamWorks Animation is still moving forward to reboot the franchise with the highly-anticipated Shrek 5, not everyone’s on board with the continuation.

Poor Things stars Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo reckon they should give it a rest.

Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo don’t think the world needs another Shrek sequel Image 1

When playing a game of “Agree to Disagree” on LADbible TV, Stone and Ruffalo were asked to agree or disagree with the statement: “The world does not need a new Shrek film.”

After some careful thinking, plus a few laughs, both Stone and Ruffalo almost simultaneously chose a “strongly agree” opinion, momentarily doubted their answer, and then quickly went back to “strongly disagree”.

Stone then jokingly added: “We don’t want to comment on that. Next!”

The two stars were then asked by LADbible’s Daniel Merrifield which Shrek movie they consider to be the best of the bunch.

Both quickly responded, at the exact same time, with: “The first one.”

Currently, the next Shrek movie is known as DreamWorks’ “Untitled Shrek Reboot”.

The last main instalment of the Shrek franchise – excluding spinoffs – was Forever After back in 2010.

Considering that it will have been far over a decade since its last instalment, it’s safe to assume that although the next movie will be a sequel, it will also be a completely new story to reboot it all.

It’s currently unknown as to who is returning.

Shrek 5 has not yet announced its release date.

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