Luke Cage Season 3 Gets a Glimmer of Hope as Daredevil: Born Again Leaked Photo


As Marvel tries to expand its presence in the MCU, with Charlie Cox’s highly anticipated series Daredevil: Born Again, the new adaptation promises to delve into the political and criminal side of New York City. Reportedly following the storyline of Devil’s Reign, the upcoming show is said to feature the rise of Wilson Fisk.

This potential storyline for Daredevil: Born Again not only excites fans but also offers a glimmer of hope for Luke Cage Season 3. Previously, after Netflix canceled the show following its second season, Marvel Studios didn’t announce any further plans for Luke Cage. But now, with Charlie Cox’s show claiming to show Wilson Fisk’s rise, Luke Cage might continue that very storyline.

For months, fans have been expecting news about Charlie Cox‘s upcoming Marvel series Daredevil: Born Again. Following the release of Echo, fans are now excited to learn more about the plot of the upcoming Daredevil series. Thus, scooper site The Cosmic Circus came up with reports suggesting that Cox’s show is set to incorporate certain elements from the Devil’s Reign storyline.

Corroborating those reports, leaked images shared on X informed the use of the Devil’s Reign storyline for Daredevil: Born Again. As per the image, it showed newspapers reporting Wilson Fisk’s rise in power as the Mayor of New York City. This particular plot was even hinted at in Echo post-credit scenes, featuring Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin.

Further, as Daredevil: Born Again plans to reportedly follow the Devil’s Reign storyline, it is believed that Luke Cage might appear in the show. Since Cage is an integral part of the storyline, as he eventually becomes the Mayor by default following Wilson Fisk’s defeat by Daredevil and other superheroes, he is said to make a confirmed appearance as per the Devil’s Reign.

Luke Cage’s appearance in Daredevil: Born Again not only excites fans as they desperately wish to see Wilson Fisk’s downfall but also gives hope to Luke Cage’s season 3. After Mike Colter’s 2016 show got canceled after running for two seasons, fans have been waiting for Marvel to return with season 3.

However, now, with Daredevil: Born Again bringing Cage, fans believe that Mike Colter’s show could finally restart its season 3. Continuing the Devil’s Reign storyline from Charlie Cox’s show, Luke Cage season 3 can finally offer a glimpse into how Cage overthrows Wilson Fisk and becomes the Mayor of New York City.

It was previously sad news for fans after Mike Colter’s Luke Cage got canceled by Netflix after season 2 due to creative differences between the streaming site and Marvel, as per THR. Thereafter, Marvel Studios didn’t announce any plans for Colter’s return as Cage. But now, fans believe season 3 can finally hit Disney+, which can continue Luke Cage’s story following his appearance in Daredevil: Born Again.

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