Henry Cavill’s New Director Wants To Make A Superman Reboot Movie With Him In A Fresh DC Universe


Matthew Vaughn wants to team up with Henry Cavill again, but this time having the actor play Superman in a different type of superhero movie apart from the DC Universe. One of the actors who have played Superman in live-action was Cavill, starting in 2013 with Man of Steel. However, his time as Krypton’s last son came to an end when DC Studios decided to go forward with a new DC Universe, including James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy movie.

As Gunn’s DC Universe is going forward, there could be other ways for Cavill to play Superman. While promoting his new movie Argylle, which co-stars Cavill, Vaughn was asked by BroBible’s Post Credit Podcast if he would ever want to do a Superman: Red Son movie. Not only was Vaughn interested in tackling the Elseworlds story, but he would love to have Cavill as his Superman, sharing the following:

I thought Red Son was one of the cleverest comics I’d ever read, and the current world we’re living in, it’s certainly become a lot more relevant because ignorance causes more issues, and I think the more we learn about Russia and the Russian history…Wow, could you imagine remaking Red Son with Henry Cavill? That would be an interesting movie…

While there may not be any plans for Cavill to put on the suit any time soon, an Elseworlds movie would be the ideal option for him to play Superman again in any capacity. The idea of a Superman: Red Son movie would not only explore one of the biggest Elseworlds comics, but wouldn’t clash with anything Gunn is doing with David Corenswet’s Superman. Once the DC Universe has gotten up and running, that would likely be when they will consider the idea of Cavill as Superman in any shape or form.

The Elseworlds brand is also the way that Cavill’s Superman could finally have his showdown with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam after the big setup in the 2022 movie. That would not only be a proper way to give Cavill’s Superman era a sendoff, but also a more ideal conclusion to the DCEU movie timeline. A Black Adam vs Superman movie would likely do better than Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which served as the final chapter in the DCEU.

Time will tell if the world will ever get to see Cavill’s version of Superman again, whether through an Elseworlds movie, or even a multiverse crossover with Corenswet’s iteration in the DC Universe. Even if Cavill never gets to reprise Superman in any capacity, it doesn’t erase his incredible legacy, which helped him become a big name in Hollywood. For now, Cavill’s entire era as Superman can be relived through has past DC movies.


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