Iron Man 2’s Sam Rockwell Addresses Potential MCU Return in Armor Wars


Sam Rockwell comments on the possibility of returning as Iron Man 2’s Justin Hammer in the MCU’s Armor Wars. He discusses a potential return to his role as Iron Man 2 villain Justin Hammer in the upcoming MCU film Armor Wars.

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rockwell addressed the widespread fan speculation about his potential MCU return, revealing that he hadn’t received a call from Marvel or Kevin Feige about appearing in Armor Wars. When Fallon brought up the rumors, Rockwell replied that he’s still “waiting for the phone call.” The two joked about the possibility of the phone ringing that very evening, and Rockwell said, “I’ll take it, man.” Rockwell also made it clear that if the call from Marvel does come, saying, “Listen, I’m in, dude.”

Armor Wars was originally announced as an MCU Phase Five Disney+ series before being revamped as a feature film. The film will be spearheaded by Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes/War Machine and draws its title from a popular Iron Man comic book story-line from the 1980s. A potential Armor Wars appearance would be Rockwell’s third MCU project, as Justin Hammer recently made his return to the MCU after nine years in an episode of What If…? in an alternate reality where Happy Hogan attempts to rescue Avengers Tower during Christmas, where Hammer seeks revenge against Tony Stark for the events that took place in Iron Man 2 and steals a sample of Hulk/Bruce Banner’s blood.

The MCU’s Armors Wars adaptatation is set to go in a different direction from the comics following Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) death in Avengers: Endgame. The Armor Wars storyline in the comics involves Tony Stark analyzing a similar armor to his Iron Man suit being used by a supervillain and realizes it’s based partly on his stolen designs predating his current Iron Man suit. He identifies various armored criminals potentially using these designs, including Crimson Dynamo, Shockwave and Doctor Doom. Concerned about the potential harm from his tech, Iron Man teams up with Scott Lang/Ant-Man to investigate. They discover Spymaster sold Tony’s designs to Justin Hammer. Unable to reclaim his tech legally, Tony plans to confront every armored villain suspected of using his designs.

Sam Rockwell recently appeared in the Matthew Vaughn spy comedy Argylle alongside Dua Lipa and Samuel L. Jackson. Rockwell is a two-time Oscar nominee, winning Best Supporting Actor in 2017 for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Rockwell’s next project for 2024 is the Netflix comedy/fantasy movie Imaginary Friends alongside Ryan Reynolds, directed by A Quiet Place star John Krasinki.

Armors Wars is currently in production.


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