Robert Downey Jr Already Revealed His 1 Condition To Return As Iron Man


Robert Downey Jr. has already revealed his one condition for returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man. More than a decade after the franchise was conceived, Avengers: Endgame culminated the Infinity Saga, and to emphasize its importance in MCU’s history, the film also functioned as the swan song for its inaugural hero. Marvel Studios wrapped up Tony Stark’s personal story with his death, with Iron Man sacrificing himself to save the universe from the threat that Thanos posed. Years removed from his demise, however, talks about Stark’s possible return to the universe continue to be a hot topic among fans.

The MCU is currently in the middle of laying the groundwork for the culmination of the Multiverse Saga. Unfortunately, it isn’t as smooth sailing as in the Infinity Saga. Facing an identity crisis, the public’s interest in the universe is also dwindling. Between reports that Marvel Studios is considering doing an original 6 Avengers film and claims that there are plans to bring back Downey as Iron Man, there’s renewed hope that Stark will once again be an active player in the MCU. None of the franchise’s plans will come to fruition, however, if the actor turns down the opportunity.

Robert Downey Jr Would Only Return As Iron Man On 1 Condition
An image of Robert Downey Jr. speaking into a microphone in The Sympathizer
Luckily, Downey never fully closed his doors about the possibility of returning to the MCU despite Iron Man’s death in Avengers: Endgame, although he claims that he thinks he has done everything he could in the role. Considering his great working relationship with Marvel Studios, this is somewhat expected. That being said, the actor has one condition if he’s ever to come back as Tony Stark. During a 2020 interview with the Joe Rogan Experience, he said that he wants to do other things while also being Iron Man. Read Downey’s full quote below:

“There would have to be a super compelling argument and a series of events that made it obvious. But the other thing is, I wanna do other stuff.”

While doing the press rounds for Oppenheimer, Downey candidly admitted that he was afraid that focusing primarily on the MCU would ruin his acting skills because he was playing the same character for longer periods of time. With a possible Oscar award on the horizon for him thanks to the Christopher Nolan film, it’s safe to say that Downey will be more adamant about being able to venture out of the MCU if he ever comes back as Iron Man. After Oppenheimer, he is slated to star in the series, The Sympathizer and the upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

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