MCU is Bringing Back Thanos: Josh Brolin Breaks the Internet by Acknowledging Huge Marvel Rumor


Ever since the epic Avengers: Endgame by the Russo brothers concluded the iconic Infinity Saga, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans have speculated on the fates of various beloved characters. None of these characters evoked more emotion than the indomitable Thanos. Despite succumbing to a seemingly permanent death, there have been rumors swirling about the possibility that the Mad Titan will return. Well, this is truly thrilling news for fans, as Josh Brolin, the man who brought Thanos to life, has just caused a stir on the internet by raising the possibility of a monumental twist in the MCU narrative.

Not only was Thanos killed twice in Avengers: Endgame, but he was also killed multiple times in the Disney+ animated series What If…? and the 2022 flick Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Speaking about the possibility of Thanos making a comeback, Brolin recently hinted that he had also heard some rumors about it.

Josh Brolin, 55, will return to the role of Gurney Halleck in Denis Villeneuve’s much-awaited film Dune: Part Two, which opens in theaters next month and stars the entire cast of its acclaimed predecessor. But the actor found himself talking about another of his iconic roles—that of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and specifically, his potential future return as the Mad Titan—during a recent interview with Comicbook.

Since Thanos made his comic book debut in 1973, he has established himself as a mainstay in the Marvel Comics universe. As a result, it is possible that there are still untold stories about him, despite his brief appearance in the MCU. Brolin has learned of something “through the grapevine”.

“You know, I hear kind of like through the grapevine, that they’re gonna bring him back. And there’s the What If…? series and that’s a different kind of Thanos and all that. But I don’t know in the Marvel world whether they’re going to bring him back, but I didn’t know that he was the most killed-off Marvel villain … You learn something new every day.”

Brolin’s appearances as Thanos were among the highlights of the Infinity Saga. Beyond serving as the first major antagonist in the franchise, the character was able to use the film to defend his actions, a move that had fans disputing the viability of his philosophical justifications.

Thanos’ Resurrection: Josh Brolin Sends Marvel Fans into a Frenzy
After facing death twice, in Avengers: Endgame’s opening scene and again during the Battle of Earth, the 2019 flick marked the end of Thanos’ journey in the MCU. He does, however, still loom large over the universe; alternate incarnations of the character can be seen in the animated series What If…? and in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Recent remarks from Josh Brolin raise the possibility that Thanos will make a comeback to the MCU, and as long as the multiverse exists, that possibility exists. It is also possible that Marvel will revisit some of the earlier tales in which Thanos has appeared, even if they do not fit into the ongoing storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Goonies actor, the man behind the Mad Titan’s spine-chilling portrayal, recently got fans’ pulses racing with a cryptic announcement regarding Thanos’ possible return.

Though it is difficult to predict exactly what moves Marvel Studios will make in the upcoming years, they are working hard to get the MCU back on track following a difficult slate in 2023. The possibility of Thanos rising from the dead may raise eyebrows, but the hint dropped by Brolin was definitely enough to cause an uproar in the Marvel fandom.

As we anxiously await further confirmation or denial from the MCU, let our minds wander to the untapped potential of a reborn Mad Titan. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate the brilliance and unpredictable nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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