Deadpool 3 Might Have a Different Name Because of Kevin Feige’s Sneaky Move


Deadpool 3 is fast approaching its announced release date of July 26, 2024. The 34th film in the MCU is yet to receive an official logo or an official title. Fans now have reason to believe that Deadpool 3 will just be a working title for the film. This speculation started on social media after Kevin Feige was recently seen wearing a hat with what appears to be a new logo for the film.

Ryan Reynolds will return to his superhero role in the third Deadpool film, which also marks his entry into the MCU. The third film will be helmed by Shawn Levy, taking over from David Leitch. Hugh Jackman returns to his fan-favorite X-Men role, Wolverine, and is reportedly having a substantial part in the movie.

While the marketing for Deadpool 3 hasn’t started yet, the film is being widely discussed across social media. It appears Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige decided to fuel these discussions when he appeared at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards sporting a Deadpool 3 hat. The first thing fans noticed on the hat was the red, yellow, and black-themed logo, with split faces of Deadpool and Wolverine.

One fan on X pointed out that the logo was made by a fan artist, @screenpai, on Instagram. Fans were curious about the use of this new logo since they believed that the logo from the initial teaser, featuring the Wolverine’s slash marks, was the official one. Fans began speculating that the new logo, though unofficial, indicated that Wolverine had a larger, more substantial role in the film.

One fan went on to guess that the movie will not be officially titled Deadpool 3 if the movie promotes the new logo or something similar to it. Another fan shared his insights, mentioning that director Shawn Levy had earlier revealed that Deadpool 3 is not the official title. One fan tried to analyze what was written on the back of Feige’s hat, suggesting that it might be the title Deadpool and Wolverine. One fan jokingly suggested the title, Deadpool and Wolverine Across the Multiverse.

Several leaked information and reports surfaced on the internet about the film to the point that Ryan Reynolds was forced to make an open request to fans to stop spreading spoilers. Reports suggest the involvement of several previous X-Men and Marvel characters, including Sabretooth, Toad, TVA, and even Jennifer Garner‘s Elektra. Emma Corrin is set to play the main villain role in the film.

During an interview with WIRED, Shawn Levy kept mentioning the film’s name as Deadpool And Wolverine. When the interviewer asked whether that was the title of the film, the director revealed that the film’s title was not yet fixed. He revealed playing around with a few titles but shared that picking a title for the film was a tough job. Levy told WIRED:

“No, there’s no title yet. I sometimes refer to it as “Deadpool versus Wolverine” or “Deadpool and Wolverine” or “Deadpool 3 With Wolvie”—we’ve got a few titles we’ve been bandying about, but boy, it’s a tough one.”

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writers of the previous film, were part of the writing team for this film which included Zeb Wells, Reynolds, and Levy. Reese revealed that the Deadpool 3 story is about a lunatic dropped into the “very sane world” of the MCU (via ComicBook).

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