Madame Web: Is There a Post-Credits Scene in the Spider-Man Universe Movie?


You’ve seen the memes. You’ve — maybe — watched the trailers. You’ve likely heard the phrase “He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died” (spoiler alert — that’s not a real line in the movie). And as of Wednesday, Feb. 14, Madame Web (read our review) is out in the world. The supernatural thriller is unlike any superhero movie you’ve seen before, but definitely feels like a fun throwback to the ’00s comic book films that many of us grew up on.

Check back tomorrow right here to dig into the depths of Madame Web lore with director S.J. Clarkson answering all your spoilery, burning questions. But in the meantime, that age-old question must be asked — and answered! Is there a post-credits scene in Madame Web?

Does Madame Web Have a Post-Credits Scene?
No, Madame Web does not have any post-credits scenes, which makes sense not only due to the fact that the status of the Sony-verse is up in the air but also because the entire movie essentially acts as a lead-in to a potential Spider-Woman/Spider-Women movie.

So if you want to stick around to pay homage to all the folks who worked on the movie or you’re like me and always want to see which comic creators get thanked, then go for it! But you won’t need to wait for any of the infamous superhero stingers this time around.

But be sure to check back on Wednesday for a full spoiler breakdown of Madame Web, including how the film could connect to the bigger Spider-Man universe and more!

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