Simu Liu Speaks Out on Shang-Chi 2 and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Plans


Marvel star Simu Liu Address to his role in Avengers 5 and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 2. It’s been a busy week for the MCU actor, as he hosted the People’s Choice Awards this weekend and attended the premiere of Arthur the King in New York City. On the red carpet for the new movie, asked Liu about his place in the ever-changing Marvel landscape. While the actor couldn’t get into too many specifics about the future of the MCU, he did lay out the process where he gets a call to be in a project. There was also a statement of confidence in Shang Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton.

“Oh man, I don’t know to be honest,” Liu began. “I mean, those things are so above my pay grade. I just wanna continue to be a fan of it. You know, when I get a call of like, ‘Hey, this is what your in and this is where you’re going to show up. And, this is when you’re going to be need to be blacked out for.’ That’s kind of generally what tends to happen. But, you know Destin is such a special filmmaker and we’re very happy to have him on the sequel. So, he’ll be working on that and we’re really excited to see what he comes up with. I think he’s going to do a brilliant job.”

Marvel is undergoing a bit of restructuring right now. But, the audience is still very excited to revisit Simu Liu and the world of Shang-Chi. Back in the earlier meat of the pandemic, his MCU introduction really impressed audiences. Since that moment however, the character has been MIA since meeting Wong and Captain Marvel in the post-credit scene to the movie. Despite the open wondering from fans, Marvel still has a plan for leaves character because of the enthusiastic response from audiences.

“The early reactions to the characters and to [Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings] itself gives me great hope that that people will want to see more of these characters,” Kevin Feige told ComicBook back in 2021. “We certainly have many ideas of where to take them and where to put them. What’s so fun, we know the movie’s working when it’s not just the title character that people ask about, but it is the co-stars or the supporting players that people ask about. And in this movie in particular that’s heartening because we think they’re spectacular, and we think they have great potential in the future.”

While Cretton might not be directing Avengers 5 anymore, he still got some fans on the actor side of the MCU. Late last year, Ms Marvel’s Iman Vellani told Inverse that she liked Destin Daniel Cretton’s work quite a bit. She named him among her personal favorites along with Joh Favreau and Taika Waititi. Check out what she had to say about each director down below.

“Oh, I have so many. I mean, Jon Favreau, obviously. I met him at D23. And he’s the coolest. I love his movies outside of Marvel, too. Chef is one of my comfort films. I was talking about The Mandalorian with him, and he literally handed me this heavy token with the Mandalorian emblem on it. It’s the coolest thing. I carry that around everywhere,” Vellani explained to the outlet. “Taika [Waititi]. I just feel like Taika would be vibes, and Destin Daniel Cretton. I love Short Term 12. So I think he’s very talented.”

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