Photo of Tom Holland with Miles Morales Spider-Verse


The team behind the massively popular Spider-Verse movies at Sony sent the Marvel fandom into a frenzy recently after sharing a photo of themselves with fellow Web-Slinger, Tom Holland.

The image (below) features Into and Across the Spider-Verse creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller sharing a picture with the No Way Home star.

Greta Lee, who voiced LYLA in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, was also alongside the talented group of people in the picture.

Photo of Tom Holland with Miles Morales Spider Verse crew sparks wild fan response Image 1

Shared by the official @SpiderVerse account on X, the post said: “Our #SpiderVerse crew with a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from another, another dimension – Tom Holland! And our beloved LYLA, Greta Lee!”

Although it was just a nice moment shared by the team while attending the Critics’ Choice Awards, fans were quick to begin theorising that Holland’s Peter Parker could be a player in the next multiversal Spider-Man movie, Beyond the Spider-Verse.

This has been a popular theory since Across the Spider-Verse confirmed the awareness of Holland’s Spider-Man – and the MCU – when Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara directly referenced him.

The movie also featured clips from live-action Spider-Man movies such as from Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s iterations of the character, while also confirming that Sony’s animated universes exist in the same multiverse as live-action franchises such as Venom and the rest.

One scene even places an animated Miles Morales right next to a live-action Aaron Davis aka Prowler, played by Donald Glover – doubling down on the fact that a crossover between the two could potentially happen again in the future.

Photo of Tom Holland with Miles Morales Spider Verse crew sparks wild fan response Image 2

In response to the aforementioned post, one fan wrote: “They’re foreshadowing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appearance in Beyond the Spider-Verse.”

Another suggested that the Spider-Verse creators should be hired to helm Holland’s next Spider-Man movie: “I see the vision, and I believe Lord & Miller should write & direct Marvel’s Spiderman 4!”

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A third added: “Someone’s making an appearance in Beyond the Spider-Verse?”

Another said: “SO close to having MCU Peter in the Spider-Verse….”


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