The MCU Can Still Do World War Hulk Even Without A Solo Hulk Movie


Despite Mark Ruffalo’s recent comments, Marvel Studios can still adapt the highly-anticipated World War Hulk storyline in the future of the MCU. Mark Ruffalo has portrayed Bruce Banner’s Hulk, since 2012’s The Avengers, though Edward Norton portrayed the character in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, the only solo Hulk movie in the MCU. Banner has been through some huge changes during his MCU career, which have culminated in him combining the brains and the brawn into Smart Hulk. However, many have been calling for him to return to his uncontrollable form in a heavily-teased World War Hulk project in the MCU.

Even though audiences have been vocal about wanting to see Marvel Comics’ World War Hulk storyline from 2007 adapted into live-action, the fact that the Hulk’s distribution rights still reside with Universal Pictures makes this difficult. In fact, Mark Ruffalo recently revealed that Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige told him that he’d never get a standalone Hulk movie in the MCU (via YouTube). While this may dash hopes for a potential World War Hulk project, there is still an array of opportunities for Marvel Studios to integrate this intense and game-changing storyline into the MCU outside a solo Hulk movie.

Perhaps the most obvious choice for adapting World War Hulk into the live-action MCU would be to make it into the subject of an Avengers crossover movie in the MCU’s Phase 7 or beyond. The Avengers have come together to face several threats in the MCU, including Loki, Ultron, Baron Zemo and the Mad Titan Thanos, but Marvel Studios developing a project such as “Avengers: World War Hulk” would see them battle one of their own. This would provide the opportunity to adapt the full magnitude of Marvel Comics’ World War Hulk, which saw the Hulk battle many notable heroes.

A new team of Avengers is expected to form in Avengers 5, and were initially thought to be battling Kang the Conqueror, though it’s unclear whether this will still be the case after Jonathan Majors’ recent firing from Marvel Studios. While unlikely, it’s possible that Avengers 5 could become a World War Hulk-centric project, following on from recent teases and hints towards the popular storyline unfolding in the MCU’s future. Adapting World War Hulk into an Avengers-level event would allow many prominent MCU heroes to be involved, with the Hulk potentially becoming one of the Avengers’ most formidable opponents yet.

Mark Ruffalo’s most recent appearance in the MCU saw him portray Bruce Banner’s Smart Hulk opposite his cousin, Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters, in 2022’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+. Banner primarily appeared in She-Hulk’s premiere episode, which marked Walters’ transformation into She-Hulk after being exposed to her cousin’s blood. However, She-Hulk also provided the MCU’s clearest tease towards World War Hulk, as Skaar made his MCU debut in the finale. Skaar originally appeared in Marvel Comics for the first time during the World War Hulk event, so this was an obvious pointer to the story unfolding in the MCU.

Tatiana Maslany recently noted that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 2 likely won’t be developed due to budgetary reasons.
Skaar’s debut in She-Hulk may have hinted at a potential season 2 exploring World War Hulk. Unfortunately, Tatiana Maslany recently noted that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 2 likely won’t be developed due to budgetary reasons, meaning this is unlikely, and it will be more possible for She-Hulk to appear in bigger-name projects, rather than a larger event happening in her own series. This is especially true after Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent comments that Marvel Studios will focus more on sequels and popular franchises, though She-Hulk will likely have a role in a future World War Hulk adaptation nonetheless.

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