‘Oppenheimer’ Made More on Its 243rd Day at Domestic Box Office Than ‘Madame Web’


Oscar bumps at the box office are a fairly common phenomenon in the film business. They’re a major reason why studios spend millions on “for your consideration” publicity campaigns during the awards season. The goal, like most things in the industry, is to get more people to buy tickets and boost box office totals. For example, despite being one of the most divisive Best Picture winners in recent memory, Green Book scored the biggest post-Oscar box office bump in nearly a decade, eventually adding a sixth of its total domestic revenue after its victory at the Oscars, according to Forbes. This year’s Best Picture winner, Oppenheimer, hasn’t had such a massive jump, but it’s certainly notable for one unexpected reason.

Having originally debuted back in July 2023, director Christopher Nolan’s biographical thriller grossed more on its 243rd day of release at the domestic box office than Sony’s notorious dud Madame Web did on its 35th. Starring Cillian Murphy as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” Oppenheimermade $55,355 on discount Tuesday, while Madame Web managed to earn $50,273 on the same day. Incidentally, Oppenheimer also has a wider theatrical footprint at this stage in its run (1,323 locations) than Madame Web (1,058 theaters), which opened barely over a month ago.

Oppenheimer famously debuted alongside Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster Barbie — a pop-cultural phenomenon that became known as the “Barbenheimer” double-bill. The movie has since made nearly $330 million domestically, and almost $965 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing Best Picture winner in over two decades. In the weekend following its leading 13 Oscar nominations, Oppenheimer expanded from a little over 250 nationwide theaters into over 1,260 locations, jumping nine spots and earning just under $1 million. The movie grossed $300,000 in the weekend following its seven wins at the Oscars.

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This year, the movie that benefited the most from Oscars attention was probablyYorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things. The surreal dark comedy generated about half of its global haul after the nominations were announced in January, thanks to Searchlight’s textbook platform release that built buzz while simultaneously benefiting from it. Starring Emma Stone, who eventually won her second Oscar, Poor Things has grossed over $110 million worldwide.

On the other hand, Madame Web has delivered the kind of box office performance that has rattled Sony’s future plans for its series of Spider-Man spin-off movies. Madame Webeffectively ended its theatrical run with less than $45 million domestically and on the cusp of hitting the $100 million milestone worldwide. With a 12% approval rating on aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, there’s a bigger chance of a real-life web-shooting Spider-Man being born in Brooklyn than for Madame Web to get any sort of box office bump thanks to awards recognition. You can watch both films at home and in theaters, and stay tuned to Collider for more updates.

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