Nicolas Cage reportedly set to lead Live-Action Spider-Man Noir show


It looks like Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage might be bringing his iconic Spider-Man variant to live-action for Prime Video.

Reportedly, Cage is in talks to be in the upcoming Spider-Man Noir series from Sony Pictures Television.

According to The Ankler, Cage is set to lead the series, which is set in 1930s New York.

Nicolas Cage Reported To Lead Live Action Spider Man Noir Show Image 1

As such, fans have speculated that Cage’s role could potentially be him reprising his role from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

However, that connection remains to be seen.

The report surrounding Cage also contains further news on the in-development Silk: Spider Society series for the platform.

In the same article, the writer’s room for Silk has been let go apart from showrunner Angela Kang with the show keeping a “male-skewing audience” in mind.


Originally, the writer’s room for Silk was supposed to reconvene following the 2023 WGA strike in January according to Deadline.

Nonetheless, the show will still be executive produced by Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

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For those unfamiliar with Spider-Man Noir outside of Into and Across the Spider-Verse, this Spider-Man variant was born and raised during the Great Depression, eventually gaining his powers through a Spider Idol.

He would go on to fight Norman Osborn aka Goblin in his reality.

As the live-action Spider-Man Noir show and Silk: Spider Society are shaken up, fans also wonder whether both shows will have connections to the Sony Animation Spider-Man films as both characters were featured.

Cindy Moon was spotted as an easter egg in the original film on Miles Morales’ phone.

However, time will tell as both Spider-Man-focused shows continue their development cycles despite extreme shake-ups.

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