Henry Cavill’s MCU Debut in Deadpool 3 is Still Far From Confirmed


The MCU aka Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-growing and flourishing with undoubtedly countless known and unknown projects on the way despite its recent box-office failures. Apart from the highly anticipated upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, Marvel fans can’t seem to hold their excitement over what Marvel Studios will do next.

The Avengers Universe has multiple beloved characters
The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

And so in a recent Discord Q&A with an industry insider and expert, they went on to inquire whether the many rumors of Henry Cavill being a possible Deadpool variant are true or not, among other questions. Although the validity of the rumor is questionable, the industry insider revealed a pretty exciting detail that has Marvel fans geared up.

Industry Insider on Henry Cavill as Wolverine Variant in Deadpool & Wolverine

Henry Cavill as Gus March-Phillips
Henry Cavill (Image: The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare)

Henry Cavill was fired from the DCU after giving one of the best portrayals of the Man of Steel fans had ever seen. Ever since his departure, fans have been hoping for the actor to enter the realm of the MCU. And it would be such a waste of talent for the superhero world if Cavill does not make his MCU debut, since the actor seems to be the living embodiment of several Marvel characters.

From Captain Britain to portraying Doctor Doom, in the past few days, there have been several rumors of the actor taking up one or the other Marvel roles. But recently there were rumors that the actor is apparently playing a Wolverine variant in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine (via GiantFreakinRobot).

And during Cosmic Circus’ Discord Q&A Alex Perez, an industry expert, remarked on the nature of the latest rumor,

“There is credence to this rumor.”

Marvel fans are now eagerly waiting to see whether Henry Cavill will be a part of the MCU or not. Yet, his starring as a possible Wolverine variant is still far from confirmed. While we await further news, Perez has even more exciting news that Marvel fans will much appreciate.

Industry Expert Reveals Marvel is Reportedly Developing Agents of Atlas and MI13

Agents of Atlas (Image: Marvel.com)
The Agents of Atlas (Image: Marvel.com)

Alex Perez revealed that MCU has several other projects in development and is reportedly having discussions about developing Agents of Atlas and MI13. While details of these rumored projects are scarce, Marvel fans are already speculating on what the projects could entail.

Agents of Atlas largely comprises superheroes of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage and MI13 is a British intelligence agency similar to that of S.H.I.E.L.D. As Perez stated to Cosmic Circus the Avengers are all busy with their own lives and problems, to have another superhero team in the form of Agents of Atlas would potentially prove to be a much-needed help for the recently failing MCU.

Even though these are still rumors, fans are excited over the prospect of witnessing these two teams in live-action (see X). With the MCU having a proven track record of being one of the most popular and profitable franchises in the world, despite its recent box office performances, Marvelholics can hardly wait to see what they have in store for us.

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