Peacemaker and Blue Beetle May be More Crucial To The DCU Than Superman


As James Gunn’s track record with superhero movies has shown, there is nothing the director likes more than bringing obscure comic book characters into the limelight. This has been directly shown with his Peacemaker and Creature Commando series’, as well as the the plethora of superhero cameos he’s confirmed for the DCU.

However, some of James Gunn’s projects may be hinting that he wants to unite an underrated dynamic duo that hasn’t been prominent since the early 2000s. Recently, Gunn has participated in projects that could potentially lead to the DCU exploring the surprising mentor-student relationship between Peacemaker and the third Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes.

Peacemaker and Blue Beetle Will Remain Part of The DCU

When James Gunn took the reigns of the new DC Cinematic Universe, it was made clear that the majority of the previous movies and shows created for the DCEU will have no bearing over the new DCU; however, this announcement came with two major exceptions. The first major exception came when James Gunn confirmed that Angel Manuel Soto’s 2023 Blue Beetle film (originally intended for the DCEU) would be repurposed as the first movie for the DCU. The second exception stems from James Gunn’s announcement that the second season of Peacemaker will be part of the DCU and not the DCEU.

Even though James Gunn could have stirred up more fanfare by making such characters such as Henry Cavill’s Superman canon to the DCU, James Gunn chose these two oddly specific heroes to be the only remnants of the DCEU that would remain canon to his new cinematic franchise. This is not to say that Peacemaker and Blue Beetle are unpopular, as both their depictions within their respective projects were very well-received by fans. However, they are still far from DC Comics’ most influential characters, so James Gunn’s decision to move them to the DCU indicates that the director must have a plan for their characters; it just so happens that these two characters happen to have a notable history with one another that spans several decades.

Peacemaker Became Blue Beetle’s Mentor In Comics

Relevant Storyline Publication Date Creators
2006’s Blue Beetle Comic Run May 2006-April 2009 Keith Giffen, Will Pheifier, Lilah Sturges, John Rogers, Cully Hamner, David Baldeón and Rafael Albuquerque

During Jamie Reyes’ first solo series, he is given a multitude of mentors, with both superheroes and regular people helping him out throughout his journey of figuring out his powers and where he fits in the wider DC Universe. However, the one who sticks around the most during the series is none other than the Peacemaker, Chris Smith. At first, their relationship is nothing more than an alliance of convenience, as Blue Beetle wants to understand the alien origin of his powers while Peacemaker wants to know how to stop the potential alien invasion connected to Blue Beetle’s powers.

However, as their comic series went on, they turned their bond into a surprisingly loyal partnership, with Peacemaker acting as the veteran hyperlethal anti-hero who’s seen everything and Blue Beetle acting as the occasionally obnoxious yet optimistic neophyte wanting to make a difference. This superhero duo became quite palpable, with Peacemaker almost adopting a sort of gruff uncle relationship with Blue Beetle, wanting to keep the teen hero safe while not daring to admit he actually cares for his well-being.

This found family dynamic just so happens to be James Gunn’s favorite dynamic to depict in film, appearing throughout such movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad and even Gunn’s two Scooby-Doo movies. James Gunn has also shown himself to be an avid comic book fan, being a big fan of Tom King’s The Human Target maxiseries and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come miniseries. So it could very well be possible that James Gunn has read the 2006 Blue Beetle comic series that so heavily featured his favorite personality dynamic alongside two characters he would go on feature in the DCU. But the relationship between Peacemaker and Blue Beetle goes beyond just one comic series.

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