“The Hero of the Day”: German Shepherd rescued his owner after a boat accident


Dogs have been created to be our guardian angels!


The incident happened in Australia. A fisherman noticed a German Shepherd trying to swim to the shore with all his might. Then he also noticed a wetsuit floating in the distance. The man helped the dog reach the shore and called the coast guards to help.

It turned out that the boat had turned over. A rescue group arrived at the scene. The dog was taken ashore. He was growling all the time, trying to jump back into the water. The search lasted several hours, and they finally managed to rescue the drowning man.

The man regained consciousness thanks to the bark of his loyal dog. What a miracle!


The man later told that a lot had happened because of the loss of boat control. The boat turned over, and he and his dog were thrown in different directions.

The best thing is that the dog was able to swim in the water for long and managed to help his human.

The man just hoped that everything was fine with his dog. The rescuers then figured out that the dog had swam for 11 hours to help his owner.

Love and admire your dogs! These creatures have been created to be our guardian angels!

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