About us

Here is who we are and here is what we are trying to do:

We are Jon and Katie Auyer. We started this blog to document our journey of running at least one race every month for a year. We ran anything and everything. 5k. 10k. Trail runs. 4 milers. 6×1 mile relay. Crazy mud-splattered-beer-at-the-finish-military-style-rebel-race, 1/2 Marathons, Etc.

Along the way we discovered that running was more fun and more rewarding if we got off the pavement and headed onto the trails…

While the blog began as a running-blog, nomeatbarefeet has grown into a lifestyle-blog, one that captures our desire to live minimally in all aspects of our lives. This has come to involve the Living Deliberately Project.

At its heart, the writings that you find here are our attempt to share our journey as minimalists, plant-based eaters, and athletic/activity oriented people.

with love from Les Verts Monts, J & K

with love from Les Verts Monts,
J & K