Katie: New goals for 2013

Activity Goals:

(1) To practice Bikram at least 3 times a week.

(2) To (with the assistance of a PT) return to the trails in the Spring of 2013.

(3) To rebuild myself as a trail runner, focusing on distances of 15k and less.

(4) To finally PR the Indian Ladder 15k.

(5) Long Term: To, at some point in my life, run the famous Dipsea Race

Other Goals:

(6) To finish the Living Deliberately Project as close as possible to our original intentions.

Jon: Goals for 2013

Activity Goals:

(1) To run (and finish) The Escarpment Run.

(2) To hone my ability of uphill & downhill running: I want to really work on perfect this “art.”

(3) Rack up a few PRs (see Katie’s (4))

(4) See Katie’s (5) (Better start a large pot of money to “bribe” our way in!)

(5) Long Term: To run a true mountain race, which means a race “at altitude” (read: over 5000′?)

Other Goals:

(1) Get my PhD in May.

(2) Get a job.

(3) Finish the Living Deliberately Project.