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Blogger Award

Our blogger friends over at Single-tracked Mind were kind enough to present us with the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. I’m not sure if we really encapsulate sisterhood here at nomeatbarefeet (Katie might; not sure about me), but as for an inspiring blog I hope that we have some influence on others out there in the blogosphere.

The rules for this award as as follows: thank the blogger who nominate you, answer a few questions about yourself, nominate some other bloggers and let them know they won the award. I think that we nominated bloggers who haven’t already been nominated, but we might have broken the rules too. Oh well…

Favorite color: Green

Favorite animal: Arlo (our dog); and foxes

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: coffee

Facebook or Twitter: do we have to chose? I guess Facebook

Favorite pattern: plaid

Favorite number: 427 and 319

Favorite Flower: peonies

What is your passion: trail running and learning of all sort

Nominated Blogs




Run Dhitri Run

Move Eat Create

Frosty’s Footsteps

Wow, we got an award!

I opened my email the other morning and saw that mymultipersonality had given us the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. How cool is that?! Well, shocked and honored are the best adjectives to describe the reaction. So thank you mymultipersonality, you have made our week.

The jist of the award is to not only thank the person who gave it to you (which I can’t do enough), but then to list 7 things about yourself and then regift the award to 7 blogs that inspire you. Since this is a two person blog, here are 7 things about us:

  1. I am a perpetual student who is working on his PhD in Philosophy of Art; Katie is K-6 Literacy Teacher
  2. Katie’s favorite song is “Strangers,” by The Kinks; my favorite song is “OMGCD,” by The Low Anthem
  3. In the last 8 years we have never lived in an apartment for more than a year.
  4. We have a dog named Arlo
  5. We have been vegan for a year now, and we have been vegetarian for 3.
  6. We are devoted Liverpool FC fans. Scousers, if you are in the know.
  7. We love watching Wes Anderson films, especially The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Now comes the tough part: spreading the award to blogs that inspire us. This is not only tough because we really have never been avid blog readers—this really only occurred in there recent past. The other difficulty is that many of places of inspiration are actual websites, not technicallly blogs. But since this is our choice we get to decide what inspires us, RIGHT?! So, in no particular order these are the blogs/websites that fuel our inspiration:

  • I feel that I must include No Meat Athlete — this is much more than just a resource for veg athletes. With countless tips, advice, and motivational posts (both from Matt and countless guest posters) this site has played an essential role in shaping the two of us. Plus, not only has it made us feel good about being veg-athletes, but it also helped us realize that this journey is totally doable! Thanks Matt for all that you do.
  • We have been reading Eric’s blog for a while now and without fail there is always a great post to keep us keepin’ on 🙂 (Also checkout his newly christened trail blog, I appreciate his constant optimism and drive for running, which is a wonderfully infectious thing to spread to other runners. Plus, he’s from Rochester, NY, which will always have a place in our hearts.
  • We have had the pleasure of chatting back and forth with the great runner and mum over at Run Dhitri Run! She was our first “international” follower (Australia), and while relatively new to running she has an insatiable drive to get out there and kick some butt! Nothing screams hardcore runner like a cute baby, so check out her progress.
  • Paul, over at Oversharing, starting following us on Twitter and man am I glad he did. Not only does he write about running the trails (read: fell running) around his home in the UK, but his photographs…well, they just make me jealous. 🙂 Seeing the beauty of what he gets to run in everyday makes me want to keep myself immersed in nature. (Plus, he ran a 38k for his 38th birthday; we ran a 30k for Jon’s 30th birthday. Coincidence. Probably, but its cool.)
  • Another recent blog we have started following is trigrandmatry. Her blog offers the details of her Tri (athalon) journey, and I can only hope to be this active when I am a grandparent! (I especially love the picture of her lifting the giant tire. That’s awesome!)
  • It’s one thing to say that you want to be minimalist, but the blog becomingminimalist tackles minimalism in all aspects of our lives. Its really user friendly; while it can be easy to say “yeah, living minimal” this blog offers lots of practical advice on how to achieve it. (Plus, if you “like” them on Facebook they send you inspirational minimalist quotes.)
  • I am not sure how Alicia Silverstone isn’t an inspiration: as a mother, a vegan, a compassionate person.Her blog, The Kind Life, has been helpful as we transitioned into being vegans, living compassionately and minimally. Anything you do or try from her blog seems to be successful (not least of which because she has done a lot of the leg work), so you know that you will truly be living the kind life.
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