Father’s Day 5k

If these shwag shirts are any indication you can tell that this run was going to be lots of fun! On the face of it this race did not hold much significance for either of us. Yes, it promised to be fun; yes, the course was flat, and fast; yes, the weather was nice—but how are these details any different than any other race?

The key detail is that the Father’s Day 5k in 2009 was our first race—ever. So running this one, in 2011, was a sort of nostalgic glance at how far we both have come. Our 2009 times were 29:12 for Katie, and 23:03 for Jon; and given how much we have been running since there was no doubt we could improve on those times. The weather for this race was just about perfect. Clear, sunny skies that were not too hot; and some wind that ebbed and died throughout the race.

I think Katie was a little bummed that she could not run in her Bikilias (her first pair wound up being defective and needed to be exchanged), so she ran in KSOs while I ran in Bikilas. Katie finished in 25:36 (7th in her age group and just off her best of 25:04); I finished in 19:27 (a new PR and 4th in my age group).

The race was also a time to remember some of the grandfathers and uncles who have passed away, as well as the fathers who are alive and continue to influence us both. We wrote names and dates on our shoulders to remember them by (though we should have put sunscreen on over them because after washing the black off you could still make out where they were!). I hope that if we remain in the area another year or more that we can continue to run the race as a way to not only remember and honor their memory, but also to mark how far we have both come in our running journey.