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LDP Month 5 — May

Well, goodbye May. We, again, do not have much to share with you all concerning our expenditures for the month. Basically it came down to buying some pizza and subs from Little Anthony’s while traveling down to Albany to meet family. Hattie got a chance to see lots of cousins…right here…

Other than that little excursion there was just the occasional cup of coffee (because…)

…a much needed cook book…

…and some random (albeit necessary) items for Hattie.

That about does it. Hope that this month found you all happy, healthy, and full of damn tasty food. Summer is here so get out there and enjoy it with the ones you love.


LDP Month 4 — April

End of the month and a day or two late in writing the LDP recap for April. The beginning of May falls right smack-dab  at the end of my semester, which would not be so stressful if I didn’t have to drive down to Cape Cod next Thursday for a Ragnar Race with Strong Hearts Vegan Power. This means getting all my papers read and students’ final evals done by Tuesday, while working at Starbucks Sunday and Monday and having a sweet lil’ 9 week old. Granted, Hattie is damn easy as far as babies go…but add all this together and writing the LDP post dropped to the bottom of the heap.

Generally speaking the month went very well: we didn’t buy anything unnecessary for Hattie — diapers, infant Tylenol, some leggings — and for us it really just came down to coffee, sweet treats, breakfast out with friends and beer (which doesn’t really count, right?).

However, we decided to break the bank and buy Avett Brother tickets. They are playing outside this fall at the Shelburne Museum. We thought it would be a great local concert to take Hattie to — the ability to sit on the grass, walk around, enjoy the open air, see the sunset over the Adirondacks. It should be a wonderfully memorable occasion.

Well, that does it for this month. As I already said, May beings with me heading down to Cape Cod. The weekend will no doubt be epic — racing for 24hrs with a bunch of crazy vegans? Should be something else! I can’t thank Katie enough for allowing me to peace out for a few days. She truly is a special person and a wonderful mother…hmmm, its Mother’s Day next Sunday…I wonder what I’ll be getting for Katie?

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