Liquid for Thought

Humans are the only beings that continue to drink lactation fluid after begin “weened” (are dairy consumers really weened?) as infants. Humans are also the only beings that drink lactation fluid of another species. I use “lactation fluid” instead of milk, because milk divorces you from what it really is, mammary gland lactation fluid from another species.

I never had an issue giving up liquid milk as a vegan, in fact, I hated it as a child. I am so glad that I had a mother who didn’t set it at my dinner plate every night (thanks Maida ) like so many parents do. As a young adult in love (with Jonathan, whom I met in high school) I had snarky girl moments when I would ask him to literally leave my presences if he was going to drink straight milk, especially out of his cereal bowl. As a previous omnivore adult I didn’t drink it because I had to rationalize drinking cow breast milk, and I just didn’t want to. Now, here is the point where I am aware that I was an idiot. I hated milk, but could consume lactation fluid in semi- and solidified forms. Cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, ice cream were all still in my diet, and still in abundance as I became first a vegetarian.

The more I leaned toward vegan, and the better I felt leaving dairy out, I knew it was time to leap. Everyone says cheese is hard, and it is if you can’t last 30 days without it. Before 30 days even hits, your tastebuds will change, new habits will be formed, you will adapt to different flavors like nutritional yeast, vegan cheeses (Daiya!), and soy/almond/coconut/rice milks. Cheese is hard because it has mild opiates in it** and you are literally addicted to it. But I did it, I adapted and I am healthier for it.

now, back to the liquid. We (Jonnie and I) have long abandoned soy milk, saving our soy intake for tofu, edamame, tempeh and miso. We usually use almond for cereal and cooking, coconut creamer for coffee, cashew cream for heavy cream (you have to make it yourself, not store bought). My new adventure (and idea behind this post) is to make homemade rice milk from Scott Jurek’s new book Eat & Run. Here is the jist of the recipe…

a cup cooked brown or white rice, 4 cups water, pinch of salt and optional tbsp. of sunflower oil (added in for ultra runners to get good fat and for a creamer texture) blended together. Now, without a Vita-Mix to wiz the crap out of this, you might need to strain out rice pieces. We need a new blender, ours died from smoothie overload 😦 We would love a Vita-Mix, but not sure my wallet will. Anyways, just some liquid for though. If you are having trouble kicking milk or cheese, I invite you to really ponder what it is you are drinking/eating first, and see if that helps. If not, research life on a dairy factory farm!

** excerpt about opiates below in blue from Dr. Bill Dean’s website

It makes sense that there is a sedative property in mother’s milk or the human race would not be so advanced in numbers as it has become

Concentrated Forms of Opiates

Cheese is produced by acidifying milk and making a curd leaving the whey(watery protein) behind

The predominant protein in milk and therefore cheese is casein which if not completely digested will release in the gut as an opiate called casomorphin(BCM7) Opiates can produce a profound sense of pleasure

80% of cow’s milk is casein Concentrated milk products(cheese, ice cream, milk chocolate) can have increased amounts of the addictive opiates or BCM7 proteins that link up to opiate receptors in the body, particularly the brain

Some interesting factoids

It takes 10 pounds of milk to make a pound of hard cheese(sour cheese)

It takes 3-4 pounds of milk to make one pound of milk chocolate A “chocoholic” is born

BCM7 is the powerful opiate held in any milk whether cow, buffalo, goat, or human Studies on cow’s milk show that BCM7 is held to an amino acid named proline in A1 cows(tightly bound) and by histidine in A2 cows(loosely bound), so the latter can be more effective to produce the opiate effect

The following image from a Pink video might be a little graphic for some, but think about it, what if situations were reversed?

~Run Wild~