Progress and the Jay Peak 25k to come

It has been a while since we wrote a post about something other than food. To be honest life has been very busy and very un-conducive to blogging. That is not an excuse, friends in the blogosphere, just a fact. Prior to last week Katie and I were in North Carolina—vacationing with my family and resting my calf. We hung out, played a bunch of games (i.e., Auyer Family Olympics…we can’t JUST vacation we have to do something grandiose), and relaxed on the beach.

Upon returning I was able to run a bit this past week without any calf pain. I did our usual loop of Hard’ack, but I was only out for about an hour. Progress, yes, but with the Jay Peak 25k to come next weekend I am unsure how things will go. Katie hasn’t run a lot either, owing to the fact that school starts next week and she has been getting teacher-training done in order to be ready.

All of this means that we are both underprepared and undertrained. (I haven’t even come close to the kind of training I wanted for the Vermont 50k, which is coming up at the end of September.) But oddly enough I am not worried. Will it be hard? Yes. Will we have to walk a lot of the race. Probably. Will we make the best of it, able to run together, out nature, with amazing views of the Green Mountains? You betcha. I don’t know if my calf will be ok. I don’t know if both or either of us will finish. Who knows. What I do know is that we cannot take this life, this amazing ability to run, for granted. It can vanish over night or in a sudden pop or fall. We should do what we can when we can.

We cannot know how long we will be unable to do what we have always done, but we can know that we will appreciate and accept what we have, and that we can acknowledge those things we have control over and those that we don’t. Appreciate, Accept, Acknowledge. You can learn a great deal from doing nothing on a vacation; its applying and living with what you have learned that is the tough part.

Run Mas