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Strong Hearts Vegan Super Power—The Ragnar Adventure

You might have noticed a new icon show up at the bottom of our blog, saying “Strong Hearts Vegan Power.” Well last year a group of vegans, sponsored by Strong Hearts Cafe in Syracuse, got together and ran the Adirondack Ragnar Race in NY. As it was right across the lake from me I really wished I could have been a part of it, but I just enjoyed hearing about and looking at pictures and video of the event. It looked amazing.

Then I heard that Strong Hearts was going to put together another team to run Ragnar Cape Cod in May 2015.

When the call went out for runners I was on board. No matter what.

To my delight I was one of the runners chosen. But we won’t just have one team—we’re going to have three teams for a total of 36 vegan runners taking on the challenge of spreading the message of veganism…and kicking ass while doing it! Blam-o! Now we have a whole website for the Strong Hearts Vegan Power team where you can check out the bios of all the runners (including me) and read about our primary cause, The Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Image from last year’s Ragnar in the ADKs

But there was is that little thing about having a baby. It will only be a few months after Nut gets here, so I wanted to make sure  Katie and I were on the same page with me committing to the race. We talked and decided that I should go ahead with running my little heart out (and that maybe she might be able to come along for a family vaca!). So right now the plan is for me to run the race, though who the hell knows what is going to happen in the coming months?!

There will me more posts to come. This one was meant to share this awesome news with everyone and then, since the goal to run is out there, to motivate myself into gear and get training.

Why Vegan?

I am not an in your face vegan.  I am a pretty shy, extremely introverted person, and I choose to let my actions speak for me most of the time.  When asked to talk about being vegan most people listen, ask some questions, and that is that.  Occasionally people get really fired up.  They are enraged at my decision.  Why?  Why does what I choose not to eat make you so mad?  Is it because on some level you must reflect on what you are eating?  I just don’t see why something that is not affecting said person would make him or her so mad.  Although I don’t like it, I don’t get shout-y about your sad SAD (standard American diet).  So, because I cannot often put together a long enough retort to eloquently explain my decision, I thought this man, Phillip Wollen, can do it for me.  I think I might always walk around with my iPad so I can show people this video when they ask my why on earth would I be vegan…

Borrowed this from Scott Spitz’s blog over at Run Vegan, Thanks Scott!

~Run Plant Strong~

~Run Wild~


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